I’m always happy to talk about commissions, collaborations and portraits. I've designed specialist dolls and products for customers from the UK to the USA! 

I have an ongoing list of individual dolls I would like to make.  If your suggestion is someone I think would be popular, I may add them to the list or even go ahead.  Should you want a character who is more niche however, I may need to charge you a design fee.

If you would like a one off, bespoke doll from a portrait it is important to bear in mind that each design is from a unique, hand drawn illustration.  Each doll drawing typically takes 3-5 hours depending on the level of detail.  There is then fabric printing time, sewing and stuffing.  Each doll is 100% Handmade and as you will appreciate, this takes time. 

Prices for an individual doll start with a £60 non-refundable portrait design fee plus the cost of whichever product you would like. 

Please drop me a message here or head over to my Instagram @paulaandthepencils to discuss your ideas.